Coastal Motorhomes

Magento 1 Support.

Coastal Motorhomes is one of the largest online retailers of spare vehicle parts in the UK. Specialising in parts for commercial vehicles and motorhomes, Coastal Motorhomes stock parts from leading car manufacturers including Fiat, Mercedes, Ford and Citroen.

The Project

Coastal Motorhomes approached us to take over support of their Magento 1 website, and quickly became one of our most loyal partners. We were able to guarantee that the website was well prepared for a dramatic increase in stock, ensuring that the website’s sophisticated search function works correctly to allow customers to find the exact car parts that they are looking for based on name or reference number. Our work has involved complex integrations, including integrating Amazon and eBay via M2E Pro, allowing Coastal Motorhomes to sell car parts on other platforms without the need to manage various separate inventories.

The Outcome

Our work with Coastal Motorhomes has been successful to date; we have worked with them for several years and supported their growth across all channels. We continue to offer our maintenance services as their catalogue inflates and their website sees more traffic.

Project Details


Coastal Motorhomes


2 years & ongoing

Project Type

Magento 1 Support, Multi-Channel

Key Features

Bespoke Product Search System / M2E Pro (Amazon & eBay) Integration / Multiple Currencies