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Who's Roundhay Digital?

Roundhay Digital is a boutique ecommerce agency founded by Owais Amiri, an ecommerce expert who has owned and consulted ecommerce businesses since 2008 and is based out of Leeds, near the beautiful Roundhay park.

Supported by a team of senior developers with deep experience in building, growing, and developing ecommerce projects with Magento, as well as AI and ML-based solutions, Roundhay Digital is dedicated to delivering top-tier ecommerce solutions.

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I started my first ecommerce business in 2007 and have since been involved in a range of ecommerce projects as a co-founder, consultant, or part-time ecommerce director. Leveraging my extensive experience, I founded Roundhay Digital to provide innovative solutions for the ecommerce industry. When not geeking out on big data, I love derivatives trading, poker and chess.

You can start with an hour’s consulting if you prefer or send us your project scope and we can send you a quote. If you’re stuck with security crisis, we can jump in at short notice too (if we are available). Schedule a free 15 min call if you just want to know more about how we can help.

How can we help?


I will serve as an Ecommerce director or provide ad hoc consulting to help you navigate through high level technical or marketing challenges.


Hire technical developers to build, fix or maintain your ecommerce websites. We build robust websites and can fix anything under the ecommerce bonnet.


We enhance your operations with our technical AI and ML solutions to optimize performance, drive growth, and stay ahead in ecommerce.


"We've been working with Owais and his team for our Magento Adobe development needs for the past 5 years, and they have become an integral part of our team and future growth plans. Owais and his team are deeply experienced, certified by Magento, and always looking to push the boundaries of what's possible with the platform. They're true Magento geeks! One of the things that sets Owais and his team apart is their proactive approach to problem-solving and innovation. They are always looking for ways to improve our Magento Adobe setup and optimize our online store performance. Their well-rounded understanding of e-commerce and industry best practices has been invaluable in helping us achieve our business goals.

Throughout the years, Owais and his team have been highly reliable, responsive, and professional. They have gone above and beyond to meet our needs and exceed our expectations, consistently providing exceptional customer service."