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Obsessing in ecommerce since 2008. Undefeated & super experienced developers. Ace SEO & PPC experts.

Who's Roundhay Digital?

Roundhay Digital is a boutique ecommerce agency founded by Owais Amiri, an ecommerce expert who has owned and consulted ecommerce businesses since 2008 and is based out of Leeds, near the beautiful Roundhay park.

Supported by a team of senior developers with deep experience in building and growing ecommerce projects with Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Big Commerce and custom PHP development.

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I started my first ecommerce business way back in 2007 and have been involved with a range of ecommerce projects since either as a co-founder, consultant or part-time ecommerce director.

I have retained a team of 8 full time ecommerce enthusiasts since 2015 to help me and my clients. We are an eclectic mix of 5 undefeated developers/coders, an SEO expert that dreams of Google page 1 more than his wife, and an Italy based PPC expert who surprisingly knows his ROAS better than his spaghetti.

You can start with an hour’s consulting if you prefer or send us your project scope and we can send you a quote. If you’re stuck with security crisis, we can jump in at short notice too (if we are available). Schedule a free 15 min call if you just want to know more about how we can help.

How can we help?


I will serve as an Ecommerce director or provide ad hoc consulting to help you navigate through high level technical or marketing challenges.


Hire technical developers to build, fix or maintain your ecommerce websites. We build robust websites and can fix anything under the ecommerce bonnet.


We provide technical and on page SEO services to unleash the power of Google & Bing. We are equally experienced at Google PPC and Instagram/Facebook ads.


Breaking down further on where and how we can help you.

Magento (Adobe)




Bespoke PHP





We have been through a number of web developers over the years but we have remained with these guys as they are efficient, very reliable and reactive to any urgent issues. Most importantly however, I feel they have a really sound knowledge of Magento. I would recommend them.


Our Blog

A mix of technical and business blurb by Owais & the team.