EXPERIMENT: Copy-Paste Chat GPT to Rank for SEO Services in Leeds & Yorkshire


I’m currently running an experiment on our website, RoundhayDigital.co.uk. We went through a rebranding and renaming process a couple of months ago, and now I want to delve into the potential outcomes of using GPT for copy-pasting articles as an SEO strategy, or lack thereof.

In this experiment, I won’t be making any edits to the articles whatsoever. I won’t even read their contents. There won’t be any keyword research involved either. I’m fully relying on Artificial Intelligence and minimising the use of human intelligence.

This experiment will shed light on the impact of blind copy-pasting using GPT as part of an SEO strategy.Let’s see what happens when we let AI take the wheel with little to no human intervention.

Experiment Part 1: 

My first set of prompts for GPT were as follows: 

Prompt 1 : Can you help me with some blog topics I should write to win SEO projects in Leeds & Yorkshire area.
I scanned over the response. Remember, I am supposed to keep the use of human intelligence to a minimum.

Prompt 2: Brilliant, can you help me write an article each that will be google friendly for each of these 10 topics.
Excuse my English. Seems like I can speak like a 10 year old quite easily. Anyhoo, I quickly realised the length of the article wasn’t enough and I saved GPT the effort and stopped generating the response fully.

Prompt 3: This is brilliant. Can you generate expanded article for each of the topic. Write in first tone as if I am an SEO expert with 15 years experience. Include examples of when I have helped ecommerce fashion businesses, a vegan burger chain, also provide meta title and meta description for each of them. 

Now good-boy GPT repeated the two examples, fashion business and vegan burger chain in every article. So the generation had to be interrupted.

Prompt 4: You can use vegan burger chain and ecommerce fashion business as an example in one topic. You’re repeating them in other topics. I want the 10 topics to have unique example points please that are not already mentioned in the other topics.

Think this prompt was good and GPT spat out 10 articles. We are good to go.

The 10 GPT authored articles are as follows.

  1. Unlocking the Potential of Content Marketing: Yorkshire’s Guide to Compelling Content
  2. Mastering Local SEO: A Yorkshire Business Owner’s Guide to Local Search Domination
  3. The Power of Social Media Marketing: Yorkshire’s Guide to Social Media Success
  4. Harnessing the Power of Social Media Marketing: Yorkshire’s Guide to Social Success
  5. Local SEO Strategies for Yorkshire Businesses: Dominate the Local Market
  6. Driving Organic Traffic: Yorkshire’s Guide to Effective Content Marketing
  7. Unlocking Social Media Success: Yorkshire’s Guide to Effective Social Media Marketing
  8. Maximizing Local SEO: Yorkshire’s Guide to Dominating Local Search Results
  9. Yorkshire’s Guide to Building a Strong Online Reputation and Managing Online Reviews
  10. Unlocking the Art of Local SEO: Yorkshire’s Guide to Local Search Domination

Please Google, Bing, don’t ban me. Fellow SEO professionals, I am taking one for the team. Potential clients, we do not use GPT churned out content whatsoever. We won’t do it until the result of this experiment is out.